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Unified Communications- Enhanced Collaboration


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Go Beyond Phone Service

Accelerate Communications & Reduce Costs

You can’t connect to your potential without communication technology that supports your growth. Legacy phone systems are expensive to update and lack the robust features modern businesses demand. You need a reliable way to connect with your clients and your employees.

Communicate and Collaborate Smarter

Flexible Communication Solutions

Unified communications systems can provide any size organization—especially small and mid-sized ones—with a number of important benefits that include lower IT labor expenditures, greater employee productivity, faster decision-making and lower real estate costs. Adaptive helps organizations like yours to select, design, implement and support a cohesive, customized and cost-effective unified communications solution that sets you up for success going forward.

Save Money

Skip the hefty hardware investment and long-distance expenses. Unified communications systems use your established local area network—instead of traditional phone lines—to deliver expanded capabilities and significant cost savings.

Communicate Anywhere 

Unified communications solutions are ideal for on-the-go and remote workforce. Advanced call forwarding simultaneously routes your calls to several numbers so your team can stay in touch with each other and clients.

Gain Advanced Features

Decide how you receive calls during and after office hours. Access voicemail and send faxes via your email. Unified communications also integrate with other apps to improve customer relationship management through features like live chat and real-time coaching tools.

Get Monitoring & Support

Adaptive monitors and manages every component of your unified communications system. We’ll perform 24/7/365 monitoring of equipment, software and network. We’ll also take on the responsibility of ensuring you reach the highest QoS (Quality of Service) of the switches and managed routers’ voice components



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