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Businesses have had to adapt quickly and dramatically during these unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies from all industries across the world to review how their business was operating and in many cases, compelled a shift to remote working.

Moving entire workforces to a ‘work from home’ environment flagged major technical issues for some businesses. Device security and access to information became top concerns, as senior-decision makers tried to ensure their businesses could remain fully functional and in operation during lockdown.

Internal IT departments had to rapidly deploy alternative ways to support fellow employees from home. And those with external IT support providers prepared to discover if their chosen supplier could deliver on their promises.

As managed IT service providers, we want to share how we have provided our clients with support during COVID-19 and assisted with the seamless transition to remote working using cloud technology.

Providing 24/7 technical support

Needless to say, the day lockdown was announced all businesses in the U.S went into a panic.

How will we continue to run our business? How will we retain our customers? How will we have access to the files needed to do our jobs? How will we continue to boost company morale? How will we communicate as a business? How will we collaborate on projects?

These are just some of the questions senior executives and employees asked during that period.

For our clients, it was integral that they could ask these questions and receive quick and logical answers. This is where our help-desk support became vitally important.

An essential aspect of our business is to ensure that we are there to resolve any technical concerns our clients may have, at any time of the day. Under normal circumstances, this is as a result of us supporting businesses across multiple geographical locations, who work within various time-zones and therefore require a help desk that operates day and night. However, during COVID-19, this became a vital platform for our clients to voice their concerns and receive quick answers, enabling them to make appropriate arrangements for their business’s shift to remote-working.

Our service desk is managed by technical experts, who during COVID-19 acted as a friendly and reliable point-of-contact for all IT related queries. We pride ourselves as more than just a help desk; we are a technology partner. This means that we didn’t just sit back and wait for our clients to call us. We reached out to them in the weeks leading up to lockdown and afterwards, providing helpful information and reminders that would support businesses in changing their IT setup for remote working.

Integrating Microsoft 365

As our business specializes in Microsoft 365, we always actively encourage all our clients to harness a cloud-based way of working.

During COVID-19, we experienced an influx of queries from customers about how they could utilize tools and applications to assist their business with working from home.

For those concerned about communication, we integrated Microsoft Teams, a collaboration platform that hosts various advanced features beneficial for businesses. Including, video conferencing with up to 250 participants, screen-sharing to enable presentations, chat-box options for quick-decision making, and easy file sharing for project collaboration.

SharePoint was another key product we introduced to many of our clients during COVID-19. By utilizing SharePoint, the businesses we work with were able to store all their data in the cloud. The platform allows over 1 TB of storage to be accessible from any device, at any time.


Cyber security awareness

A big concern for many businesses during COVID-19 was security. With so many businesses not having time to fully prepare for remote working, there were higher risks of falling victim to a cyber-attacks during lockdown.

We assist with the detection of phishing emails. If you receive impersonating emails while working from home, it’s inevitably harder to confirm the sender, as you’re not in the office. This worried many of clients. To settle this concern, we tightened up our client’s smart email filters, this allowed the businesses we work with to monitor communication coming in during lockdown and prevent ransomware, malware or viruses corrupting remote devices.

We also provided and continue to provide continuous Cyber Security best practices tips in order to educate all users and help each organization stay vigilant. Well trained users is the best defense to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Heading back to the office?

As we begin to see lockdown ease, many of our clients are headed back to the office. Just as we supported them in moving off-premise, we will support them in moving back on-premise.

It can feel overwhelming trying to think of all the technical hurdles that may arise during such changes, which is why we are here.

If your business has struggled with IT during lockdown, or even if you’re just concerned about relocating to an office environment, we can help.

Our friendly technical experts are available to talk about your business requirements anytime.



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