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Migrations and Projects

Migrate your infrastructure to different platform – We will manage your IT projects at every step



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We Make “The Next Level” Easier to Achieve

Upgrading your infrastructure or server is simple with the right expertise

Moving data from one database to another can seem simple in the beginning, but differences in functionality, architecture management or other factors can make server or database migration an epic challenge. Whether you are looking to increase security, upgrade systems for better performance or migrate to the cloud, you can count on Adaptive to make your transition as fast and seamless as possible, with little to no downtime.

Migration and Deployment Services Done the Right Way

Leverage our expertise and get your project done fast

Our team of experts starts by evaluating your existing architecture and systems, as well as your current and future business goals. We then match you with servers, databases, cloud hosting solutions and/or applications that best fit your needs. Once we have migrated and deployed your data, we put your new system through extensive tests to ensure it is stable and delivering optimal performance.

Improve Performance

Old servers and an outdated network can really slow you down—they may even decide to shut down entirely, always at the worst possible time. We’re with you every step of the way, making the process of transitioning to new technology fast and stress-free.

Maximize Up-time

We’ll reduce system outages and support issues with a proactive plan for replacing aging servers and network components. Plus, our backup and recovery services ensure you can keep running no matter what.

Save Money

Servers, systems and networking equipment can be a major expense. We’ll work with you to avoid vendor lock-in, getting the maximum scalability and functionality at the lowest possible cost.

Speed Up Deployment Services & Cut-over Time

It can take days to transfer all your data, documents and information. We’ll ensure your systems are back up, tested and running at full speed.

Meet Deadlines

Sometimes you need an outside expert to come in and ensure a specific IT project gets completed on-budget and on-schedule. Tap our vast pool of expertise to guide your project every step of the way—from initial planning all the way through final testing and deployment.



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