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How The Cloud Is Driving Collaborative Working

We may still be miles apart from one another, but now, thanks to the Cloud, we’re more equipped than ever for collaborative working. How is the Cloud accelerating the way we work as a team – and can it really take us further than just another video conference? The...

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Why IT Strategy Is More Important Than You Think

What is an IT strategy? IT strategy refers to the governing document that outlines how technology and IT infrastructure will drive business goals and processes. It involves establishing an IT vision and constructing a plan for how technology will be used to create...

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3 Cloud Tools That Could Save Your Business Money

It’s no myth that the cloud could save your business money. It's flexible infrastructure enables businesses with the freedom to grow and scale, without having to worry about the limitations of on-premise infrastructure. In business, we’re always looking at ways to...

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Microsoft Teams Could Prevent Further Spread Of COVID-19

For the best part of 2020, most businesses have embraced a remote work-style and it’s unarguable that many have seen the benefits it has brought to business. By saying goodbye to the hectic environment of the office, work has been streamlined, meetings have been more...

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The Future Of Education Technology

Our children – for better or worse – are being born into a technical age, where apps, devices and connectivity are second-nature concepts. Coding, now recognized as an essential future skill, is a regular fixture on the education curriculum, while even our youngest...

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Digital Transformation: The Secret For Success

What is digital transformation? Otherwise known as IT transformation, digital transformation refers to the mass implementation of new technology to improve the operations and processes within a business, ultimately adding value to their customers. Digital...

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