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Three Steps To Enhance Cybersecurity For Remote Workers

Just as most businesses had taken steps forward with the implementation of robust cybersecurity measures, along comes COVID-19 with a new challenge. With many employees working remotely, how do you enable them to be productive – and keep your business and its data...

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How To Spot Coronavirus Scams – Don’t Fall For It!

Scammers are using the widespread uncertainty, caused by the coronavirus, to their advantage. They’re introducing new, tactical scams, aimed at catching people who are worried, misinformed and unsure who to listen to. It is, therefore, extremely important to know what...

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How Long Would It Take You To Identify A Data Breach?

In May this year, GoDaddy discovered it had suffered a data breach affecting 28,000 accounts - yet the breach itself had happened much earlier, in October 2019. The world’s largest domain registry service had been hacked; and for half a year, they hadn’t noticed. How...

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