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What Is vCIO, And Is It Valuable To Your Company?

If you’ve ever worked with a Managed Services Provider (MSP), you’ve probably heard the term “vCIO.” “What does that mean?” you might have wondered. You might have been told that the “v” stands for “virtual,” and CIO stands for “Chief Information Officer”—the position...

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What is the right technology for your small business?

While small businesses face all kinds of growing pains, keeping up with information technology is one of their biggest challenges.   It’s a digital world, and your business has to keep up. Even non-tech businesses need information technology (IT)! But without a...

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10 Ways To Secure Your Business WiFi Network

Follow these 10 steps today to make your network and business information safer. Adaptive is a Salinas IT company specializing in providing IT services to small and mid-sized businesses. The need and convenience of a business WiFi network make it an essential service...

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