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Cloud Hosted Server Virtualization

The Smarter, Safer, Cost Effective, Greener Way to Operate


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It’s All About Simplicity, Mobility and Up-Time

More and more organizations are adopting “virtual” their new reality with Cloud Hosting

There are a variety of reasons why an organization would choose to migrate to using virtual servers. Some may have need of a server but don’t have the infrastructure or personnel to keep it running securely, efficiently and reliably. Others are looking to alleviate their IT assets of the time- and cost-intensive burdens associated with running their own servers. Still, others want to eliminate the security and business continuity risks that come along with on-premise hosting.

Your Servers are Virtual—The Benefits are Real

Enjoy enhanced reliability, lower energy use, better security and greater cost-efficiency

Adaptive’s cloud servers implementations reduce your energy usage, maximize server up-time, improves security, decrease management and maintenance requirements, deliver redundancy and optimize performance. Your new virtual server will perform even better than your current infrastructure and requires no expertise to maintain—just an Internet connection.

Economic Efficiency 

Cloud hosted servers provide greater resources and improved performance. They are scalable and take little effort to upgrade with CPU, memory and disk space as your business demands increase. A cloud hosted server can dramatically reduce power consumption and cooling needs therefore costing you less in the long run.

Strategic Vendor Partnerships

We only work with the best technology partners and providers to deliver the best cloud solutions and serve as your single point of contact for questions and support. Our engineers are certified with our cloud vendor partners.

Leverage Our Expertise

Our certified expert engineers handle your virtual server hosting, eliminating the need to hire employees to manage your infrastructure.

Versatile Solutions

Adaptive engineers a cloud solution tailored to fit your business needs assuring you only pay for what you need—and only when you need it. We have the ability to quickly provide additional virtual resources to grow with ease whenever your business demands increase.

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