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IT Infrastructure Management

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Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Potentials

We Make Technology Work Towards Your Business Goals

Between keeping up with industry best practices, regulations and innovations, the management and maintenance of your organization’s IT infrastructure can be a major challenge. Then, add in the constant roller-coaster ride of “build, break, alert and respond,” and you can easily see why IT is so often looked upon as an expense—not as the valued asset it should be.

Scalable Infrastructure for Peak Performance 

Proactive Management To Support Your Growth Strategy

Your server and network infrastructure is the backbone of your operations and must be strategically deployed and meticulously maintained to deliver the ROI you expect. Our advanced monitoring and alert system will continuously poll your infrastructure—including switches, routers, firewalls, IP telephony, gateways, wireless access points and other networked devices—to detect and remedy minor occurrences before they become significant events. Servers and server applications are monitored for Up/Down, CPU, physical memory, virtual memory and disk space—as well as temperature, humidity, fluid, airflow and power—for optimal performance and reliability.

Professional Proactive Management 

Adaptive provides you with ongoing fault tolerance, configuration, accounting, performance and security management to maximize performance and ensure you get the most from your IT resources.

Ensure Peak Performance 

Adaptive continuously monitors every functional network component: routers, firewalls, switches, IP-based phone systems, and more. We’re just as vigilant with critical desktop events, mission-critical applications, antivirus and software patch alerts.

Emergency & Response Time

Adaptive guarantees the IT incident response times outlined in your SLA. Once we’re aware of an issue, our technicians will either remotely diagnose and resolve it (which happens more than 90% of the time) or deploy on-site support if needed.

Support You Can Count On

Proactive management is a major pillar in Adaptive’s support structure. We’ve assembled a team of trained system administrators and technicians that perform the nightly, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks required to optimize and protect your systems.

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