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Leverage our IT Expertise with Strategic Technology Guidance when you need it

With limited in-house resources, critical activities like technology assessments, strategic planning and drawing up a refresh plan tend to end up on the back burner. Usually, providing strategic and tactical guidance is the job of a chief information officer (CIO) or chief technology officer (CTO). But, what do you do if your organization has need of a CIO/CTO, but not the bandwidth?

Adaptive Puts You On The Right Technology Path To Success

Adaptive offers virtual CIO/CTO services that help organizations—from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises—develop sound IT plans, achieve their strategic objectives and achieve their overall goals. Your dedicated VTO will first get to know your organization, its current technology challenges and its growth strategy. We then help you with budget forecasting, implementing best practices, employee training and implementing new technologies in the future.

Gain Proactive Insights 

Adaptive will conduct a network assessment, inventory your IT systems, evaluate your data backup system and quantify the real impact potential security risks, then make recommendations to close any gaps before they negatively impact your business.

Save Money

Adaptive’s VTO services give you the benefit of an in-house CIO that understands your vision for success—without having to provide a hefty salary and corner office. We’ll uncover and resolve issues, simplify processes, identify ways to improve performance and make sure your technology supports you now and in the future.

Make Informed Decisions

Adaptive’s in-depth knowledge and experience help you make informed, strategic IT decisions. We’ll do the legwork and present you with the best options that suit your budget and needs.

Strengthen Your Team 

Our VTO’s work with your internal team, merging their intimate knowledge of your business with our resources.

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