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In the Unites States, over 72,000 laptops go missing every year. Of those, two thirds of them are lost – left on trains, in coffee shops or in public toilets. The cost of the loss of one laptop to a business can be over $30,000 in lost data (plus the price of the laptop!). When only one third of business laptops are encrypted, odds are that leaving a laptop on a train will result in thieves gaining access to business information and private client data.

It’s not just businesses that are at risk, there have been many high profile cases of missing laptops that got the government into a lot of trouble. In the past 10 years, the Department of Defense has lost over 500 laptops, each one full of vital information.

Loss of your clients’ data simultaneously puts them at risk and seriously damages your relationship with them. Once the trust has been breached, it is almost impossible to get back. The damage to your business’s reputation could take years to recover, if it recovers at all.

Protect Your Business

Vigilance is essential to keeping your data secure. If you have to use a business laptop while in public, don’t leave it unattended. These days it is possible to attach proximity alarms to your laptop bag that alert you if you walk away without it. A fob attached to your key ring will alert you if you or your laptop stray apart, whether through forgetfulness or thievery.

Make sure your laptop is encrypted and, if possible, physically locked. Data loss can be mitigated with regular backups and a business continuity plan. Cloud storage and virtual private networks (VPNs) allow employees on the move to use business resources safely and conveniently.

VPNs have portals to protect all devices with secure encryption, protecting your business activities where ever your employees are. Within secure private networks, the cloud can facilitate full office functionality on any devices anywhere, from the train commute into work to a yacht in the Bahamas.

A technology company in Monterey such as Adaptive Information Systems, can help your business maintain secure while offering the flexibility for your remote work-force.

Adaptive Information Systems was founded with the mission to help businesses get the most out of their technology investments. We are a technology company in Monterey, we provide technical support services for businesses in many various industries. We are ready to manage your IT needs so you can focus on running your business.