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Managing IT systems is all about thinking ahead and preventing problems BEFORE they cause major downtime, but unfortunately things still occasionally do go wrong.

However, it’s during these times that IT support teams are really tested, how quickly and professionally can they respond?

We focus on the following areas:

  1. Risk Reduction -What do we need to do immediately to ensure that the issue doesn’t impact the business further?
  2. Business continuity – what can we do to ensure the business can continue to operate as close to 100% effectiveness?
  3. Communication – ensure that all parties are kept up to date throughout the period of the issue
  4. Diagnosis – Quickly and calmly get to the root cause of the issue. All too often IT support departments take the “try this, try that” approach, particularly if they panic during a major event.
  5. Fix and test – Don’t just fix the problem, make sure it’s fixed by testing
  6. Confirmation – Is the client happy that everything is now working perfectly again?
  7. Review – What can we learn from this experience? Can we improve our knowledge, systems or processes to avoid or reduce the risk of this reoccurring, or does the client need to change any of their aging technology?


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