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With the options in cloud solutions continually increasing, it can be difficult to find the best solution for your business.


As an IT Support Provider, Adaptive sees the benefits in many different cloud-based solutions and we know that there is no, one solution fits all.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform and infrastructure that allows businesses to move fully to the cloud, as well as offering hybrid solutions so you can pick and choose which of your company’s applications and services run on the cloud, giving you complete control of your IT infrastructure.

So, what are the benefits?

You’re in Safe Hands
Microsoft Azure provides the highest level of security, meeting the strict privacy regulations.

Access All Areas
You’ll never have to worry if your website or services are available to your teams, no matter where in the world your employees are they will always have 24/7 access to the systems you have running on Microsoft Azure.

No Set Price
If you want to move your entire infrastructure to the cloud, great! If not, with Azure you only have to pay for what you need.

It Grows with You
Unlike hardware solutions, as your business grows, Azure scales up to ensure constant availability, seamlessly growing with your organization without causing any business downtime.

No more expensive electricity bills
Instead of forking out hundreds on electricity bills, or paying for server warranties on aging or unreliable servers – with your infrastructure on the cloud these problems will be a thing of the past.


If you’re interested in Microsoft Azure and want to find out if it is right for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with one of our technical professionals.

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