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The Monterey County Housing Authority Development Corporation (HDC), a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation, provides development consulting services to housing authorities and affordable housing developers. HDC has been the lead developer on mixed-use, mixed-income and redeveloped housing projects. Their proven success can be attributed to HDC’s ability to keenly identify and address the low-income and workforce families’ housing needs in Monterey County as well as in other jurisdictions, and the unique expertise of their consultants.

The Challenge:

With a dated and troublesome physical server , 12 firewalls, dozens of PCs scattered across more than twelve locations and new developments needing wireless infrastructure, HDC needed an expert IT service provider with the ability to manage the entire network, including innovative Cloud technologies, performance optimization, cybersecurity best practices and end user requests. Frustrated by frequent downtime, lack of response and technical problems that never seemed to get resolved, HDC was further concerned that as their business grew and their operational needs got more complicated, their current IT provider would not be up to the task. They decided to switch to a firm that could resolve their IT issues, provide timely and reliable service and grow with them.

The Solution:

HDC selected Adaptive Information Systems after an intensive interview process that included a capabilities analysis and reference check. HDC was impressed with Adaptive Information Systems’ monitoring and management tools, as well as access to a highly skilled help desk support team.

Immediately, Adaptive Information Systems started out by conducting an audit, focusing on the IT delivery processes and the health of the IT infrastructure. Once the details of the IT infrastructure was known, our systems engineers started to put together a plan to increase agility, migrate the failing server to the cloud and provide additional security measures for all of HDC’s offices.

The engineers at Adaptive Information Systems where able to quickly migrate their server infrastructure to the Cloud which instantly improved the company’s flexibility to operate in a more streamlined manner throughout all of their locations. Adaptive Information Systems’ next mission was to upgrade the community room lab computers which are provided to the low income families, old worn out and infected computers where replaced with new small form factor computers that kids could actually use to complete their home work. Adaptive Information Systems continues to support the growth of HDC and implement secure wireless deployments and computer labs for their newly built low income housing developments.

The Results:

As a result of our partnership, HDC now has a high performing IT infrastructure and modern systems, providing multiple benefits to both staff and the low income families. The newly implemented IT infrastructure has also reduced HDC’s help desk support requests, which means they can spend more time focusing on their business.

The deployment of our 24x7x365 monitoring tools across all of HDC’s locations means we can now be proactive in solving IT issues before they become costly downtime problems.