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ProForma Labs is a science driven company that operates as a dynamic analytical cannabis testing lab.



The Challenge:

With several IT challenges and a poor performing IT services provider, ProForma Lab begins the search for a local IT services provider in the area. ProForma Labs is stuck with an un-responsive IT support company which operates from several hours away, they are tasked to seamlessly migrate servers and network infrastructure away from their existing IT provider and to a local IT service provider. The transition to the new IT services provider must be smooth and without impact to their existing business operations.




The Solution:

Adaptive Information Systems begins the new client on-boarding process and discovering ProForma Lab’s IT infrastructure. Management and monitoring tools quickly discover operating system licensing problems amongst end of life networking hardware.

Immediately, Adaptive engineers start to further investigate the location of ProForma Labs’ servers and determines the previous IT provider has full control of their servers which live at their private datacenter. Adaptive Information Systems brings a temporary backup server on-site to ProForma Labs main office and begins to take full system backups of their servers which remain at the previous IT provider’s datacenter. Within 8 hours time of implementing the server backups, ProForma Labs now has their servers in their possession via our temporary backup server.

Our engineers begin to validate the backups and confirm the servers are fully operational running as virtual servers. Plans are made to disable network communications from ProForma Labs office to previous IT provider datacenter and spin up the recovered servers locally over a weekend. Using our fast backup recovery solution appliance, we are able to bring the two ProForma Labs servers on-line and running locally, users where able to conduct business as normal on Monday morning without noticing their servers are now running in-house.



The Results:

Due to Adaptive Information Systems’ technical creativity and expertise, ProForma Labs gains our full trust over their entire IT systems and we begin to plan for a long term IT infrastructure migration to a permanent location. Adaptive Information Systems begins to learn more about ProForma Labs business and determines they are a perfect candidate for a Cloud infrastructure migration of all their servers and applications, our team began to build the Cloud infrastructure and migrate their existing data around the clock. Over a planned weekend, we connected their main office network to the cloud infrastructure and users begin to work seamlessly once again without noticing their server was now in the cloud!

As a result of our partnership, ProForma Labs has gained our complete trust and where able to save money by consolidating their two servers into one. ProForma Labs now simply relies on having an internet connection to access their new cloud hosted server, whether they are working from their main office to working from a coffee shop, their company resources are accessible wherever they are. Adaptive Information Systems continues to implement innovative IT solutions for ProForma Labs, while focusing on cybersecurity best practices.



“The entire Adaptive Information Systems team rocks! Their technical abilities and their responsiveness has far exceeded our expectations, best move we have ever made”

Alex Townsend, Operations Manager / ProForma Labs